Plunging into the arts

Our homeschooling voyage so far is excellent and very rewarding. We mostly follow (fairly loosely), the classical education curriculum outlined in The Well-Trained Mind (which I recommend heartily). There is however a bit of a gap in our affairs, and it's where it comes to music and fine arts. I have a few books plus music galore, and I certainly know what I like, but this does not a curriculum make. So I'd been vaguely looking for something structured and systematic to teach my girls arts and music. They are currently 9, 7, and 6 years old but are in grades 6, 4 and 2 respectively (oh yeah, homeschooling works, did I ever mention that?).

For most subject matters except world history, which we all do together, I don't mind splitting up grades and working with each kid separately. But I was very much afraid of adding too much material for three different grades because realistically I don't have time for that. So! My solution was to find a curriculum that looked good and start at the beginning with everyone, even if that meant a bit of a slower pace at first for the older two. They'll enjoy the break.

Some solid googling led me to this lady, who based her arts and music curriculum on the Well-Trained Mind model with a dash of Charlotte Mason philosophy. That sounds about right for us so I just purchased the ebook for grades 1-4. We shall start in earnest next week and focus on that for the next few weeks as we take a minor break from math/English/social studies.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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