Crafting for dummies

I am not crafty pour deux sous. That means I stink at it. I don't have anything against people who can turn old tin cans into coffee tables, except maybe some jealousy. I wish I were clever enough with things to do that. I also love shopping at Michaels, even if I don't buy anything. I want it all.

My problem is I have no patience. At any rate, not enough to see any project through. This may be due to my current situation where I am in the middle of 431 different jobs (I have so much reno on the go, it's not even funny, plus all the writing and video projects in various stages of progress and lack thereof). It may just be that I can't stand another long-haul project right now.

Whatever the reason, I tend not to do crafts at all with the kids. They've learned to work around my craft aversion by sneaking it in whenever possible. Like on weekends, when they have time. I had to get a nap in earlier this afternoon because I have to stay up late tonight to get John back home from an out-of-town event, so before I went down I asked them to keep themselves busy quietly without getting in trouble.

They went to the stack of supplies in the basement (yeah, I still buy stuff even though I have no realistic hope of doing anything with it), and found some foam sheets and decided to cut out figurines out of them and play games with same.

It doesn't look like much, but they're having a grand old time. And I get a massive kick out of their enjoyment and imagination. Win-win, I guess.

p.s. yes, my nap was awesome.

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