We are heavily into history in this house (husband comes from a long line of distinguished historians; it's sort of a thing) and these days we are working on the Norman conquest. The girls have very much taken to the Bayeux Tapestry, which surprised me a bit, but there you have it. They're also quite keen on the part of the story where Harold gets the arrow in the eye (so we think). Personally, I prefer the part where Harold fights off one bunch of invaders at Stamford Bridge then marches his army down to Hastings to meet William - a distance of about 360 km, which they covered on foot schlepping their gear, after a battle. Talk about badass. But the kids, meh. They like spectacular finishes. So I found the scene from the Tapestry where Harold gets it and printed it for them to colour.

Colouring is a fantastic way for kids to enjoy learning. I use it as well to study artists and painters. We were just studying Renoir and are now moving on to Manet and we look at paintings and then google, say, "Renoir A day at the beach colouring page" and see what pops up. There are a lot of free resources for colouring online, and you just need to find the ones you like, print, bring out the pencils and let the magic happen.